Sell Your Car Today In Atlanta, GA

When it’s old, rusted or busted, it needs to be junked!

If you are living in Atlanta and you have that unwanted and useless car, van or truck that you simply want to get rid of We can help you remove your very own piece of scrap for free and even get paid for it. That’s right, I said free removal. Pretty much what happens is you call us up, we give you a quote over the phone, which takes no more than 30 seconds. If you are satisfied with that quote,we will get you set up in the system where our dispatcher will contact you with an hour of hanging up the phone with us. Once our dispatcher contacts you, we will get you set up with a time of when our driver will show up to come get that car from you.

sell a car atlanta

We are located right in the city of Atlanta. Call us now!

We are one of the leading car removal services in Atlanta that is backed with licensed and professional tow drivers that keeps all removal of cars safe and hassle-free.
Instead of waiting for your eyes to get sore by looking at your junk vehicle, let us give you that peace of mind by providing a free towing service and getting paid for your car. You will be happy that you contacted us. You will not be disappointed. When our driver shows up, you hand over your title and keys and we will tow that heap of metal away, hassle free and painless. No more worries from that clunker sitting out there in your front lawn. Obviously if you are contacting us, you are on your last leg. We understand that having this kind of thorn in your side can be a problem. If it is wrecked, rusted, busted, blown engine, it does not matter. We take all scrap vehicles, cars trucks, SUV’s and Van’s,we take all vehicles.

What do they do to your car? Our company believes that all vehicles should have a second chance, so we do that by providing safe and efficient ways to recycle and repair your old useless scrap car by disposing those scrap metals and all chemicals from your vehicle and turn it into a more useful vehicle. What you just need to do is to call them up and they will be providing a towing service in 3 hours to tow your car and to give you the cash based on the offer that you have both agreed. It’s that easy! As they would say, it only happens in fairy-tales! Which is actually true – you get a free towing service to get rid of your junk vehicle and you get paid for it!

If all this sounds real good to you, you can call us right away for a free quote. Our car buyers are waiting for you to make that phone call. Call us now so that we can get you in the system and on your way to happy and healthier life, without that scrapper staring you in the eye. Call us now! (404) 907-3005